Here at A1 Extra Kleen, we know carpets are quite an expensive investment in our homes & we love them because they’re strong, long-lasting, add colour, eliminate impact noise, absorb sound, reduce heat-loss, are non-slip and feel soft & luxurious.


Whatever we are cleaning we bring modern cleaning innovations and techniques to achieve outstanding results for our customers. Our dedicated hands-on management team will make regular site visits to ensure our staff are complying with the cleaning schedule and that we are meeting or exceeding your expectations.


Stain Removal

Here at A1 Extra Kleen when we attend to your spillage or stain we will follow fundamental steps in order to minimise the damage caused by the spillage. It is important to know what has been spilt and the type of carpet or fabric that has been damaged to ensure the restoration is successful.


Rug Cleaning

From a variety of different rugs such as Indian and Oriental, here at A1 Extra Kleen our team are able to clean your rugs with a wide range of products and cleaning techniques.


Upholstery Leather Cleaning

Quality leather is a long term investment, in order for it to be hard wearing and durable in the environment it is placed in, it has to be maintained, otherwise the leather is likely to go dry. We provide a quality service to ensure your sofa is well maintained.


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Here at A1 Extra Kleen, we have built our business on providing outstanding customer service, which means we have an excellent retention rate for the industry. Our aim is to offer our clients a first class cleaning service, which is well organised and outstanding value for money.



Rug Cleaning Billingham
Rug Cleaning Billingham
Stain Removal Billingham
Stain Removal Billingham

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